Arne Lash (nickadams) wrote,
Arne Lash


what,s up moonsammy and friend's just got on the journal and wanted to write so hey.any way,went to work,got off early and now I am on the computer.tomI will go with b.quian to take r.d. to the air port and then go from there.maybe cure cancer or is hot as hell in my house.wellrunnin out of things to say so I'm out o here.
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Awesome!!! actually i was thinking, before we take RD to the airport we pick up the cure and after that, go cure it up. Cancer's been on my list of things to cure and never got around tyo it...lets kill two birds on stone and FUCK IT UP!!! Im glad you know how to use this program!!! its gonna be fun nigga!
big ups to me main man b.quian.let's go toda airport andlook at the cancers.just kiddin I like everyone. I feel tiredand I am listening to silence.I had the crAZIEST dreaM LastNIghtmore on that later today.I's out.