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Monday, July 28th, 2003
5:01 pm
I had a good day at work today. a couple of month's ago I started getting density book's ready to turn into the D.O.T it took me two month's to get em ready and by the end I was at my wit's end. my boss called me today and said that they were accepted on the first go and that he owes me lunch, and I was stoked, and that is good. I would now like to give Bear a shout out. it was good to see you friday.
Monday, June 23rd, 2003
6:55 pm
went to work today and actually worked.ran test's on limerock and subgrade.thing's are not too bad.got a box of cigars and a bottle of good wine and save for the headache i've suddenly accuired,i'm walking on sunshine.i have to get into work mode this week.i have four day's to finish getting book's ready to turnin to the man.and they are not ready.but hopfully they will be.
Sunday, June 22nd, 2003
12:14 pm
back from key's
I went to the key's this weekend but came back early.that place is amazing.Ihad a great time.got ate up by masquitos though.there are hand rolled fine cigars in every gas station and on allmost every corner.no lables and no boxes and alot of different styles.I wonder where they were from.I had a good time and the weather was amazing.lot's of multy colored flag's.although I'm not quite shure what country those colors represent.I'm not very funny today but I'm trying to humor my self.any way.missed my friend's.chilling now.trying to relax.thought I was going to do that in the key's but boy did I do any thing but.I'm out of here for now.
Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
12:18 pm
no more night work
hey guy's,just wanted to drop a line and speak my mind.i just woke up around 12.i am still dog tired.ive been working nights for the past two and a half weeks.im not bitchin or nothin.well,yes i am.but none the less i am happy to be going back on days.i am going to the keys for a few days on friday.hope to relax.not looking forward to the drive but i think it will be fun.see ya around.
Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
1:16 am
what,s up moonsammy and friend's just got on the journal and wanted to write so hey.any way,went to work,got off early and now I am on the computer.tomI will go with b.quian to take r.d. to the air port and then go from there.maybe cure cancer or sompin.it is hot as hell in my house.wellrunnin out of things to say so I'm out o here.
Monday, June 16th, 2003
11:52 pm
whats up!??!
What's up everybody this is Arne giving a shot out...

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